publication, n.

†3. The action or fact of making a thing public or common property; spec. = confiscation n. 1a. Obs. rare.

  • 1611 B. Jonson Catiline i. i. 457 The rich Men..proscrib’d, And Publication made of all their goods.
  • 1650 Bp. J. Taylor Rule of Holy Living iv. viii. 304 To redeem maydens from prostitution and publication of their bodies.
  • 1681 J. Dalrymple Inst. Law Scotl. i. vii. 75 Custome hath added, that waith or strayed Goods become publick.., but though the publication maketh the Goods publick, and the medling therewith to be without fault so that if there never do any owner appear, the things do become really & absolutely publick [etc.].

— excerpt from the OED, 3rd edition (2007).

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